I offer counselling for all issues-I am trained in all techniques and diagnosis. 

     I recieved my degree in California where counselling is strictly regulated. My M.S:Counselling Psychology is from California Baptist University -a nationally accredited and highly rated University.

With a background  in education as a teacher-I now treat students with ADHD/ADD and other learning difficulties. If needed I will work with your child's teacher to help them understand different methods of teaching that are beneficial to the student.

I have worked in an Addiction and Recovery Clinic seeing clients with many types of addiction and also treat families of those who are addicted-often in need of a great deal of support!

Some of the issues I treat:

Angry children/adults,






Family therapy


and many more!

For Counsellors:

I offer classes or one on one training in therapy techniques and how to use the DSM5!

email for information.